Sports injuries, regardless of whether it is due to a contact injury or repetitive use injury can be resolved with chiropractic care. In these types of injuries chiropractic care can lead to pain reduction and decreased healing time. Long term (chronic) issues arise from these injuries due to failure to get proper care.

The goal of the treatment of sports injuries with chiropractic care is to restore joint function, which decreases pain and reduces inflammation. This is done through an individualized assessment to find the specific needs of the injury. Treatment is geared towards you, the individual with your specific needs.

Types of contact injuries that are treated generally relate to the back and neck pain, but chiropractic can do so much more! These sports consist of but are not limited to football, baseball, basketball, soccer, and wrestling to name a few. Non-contact sports such as running, tennis, golf and volleyball run a significant risk of injury as well. All sports run the risk of the participant sustaining an injury, but those of contact sports have increased risk and challenges that have to be faced to prevent these types of injuries.

This doesn’t mean that these types of sports should be avoided. By all means, participate and enjoy them. They are much needed outlets for us and are necessary in the mental and physical development processes of our youth and adults alike. What it does mean is that there are other treatment modalities to help us in the healing process. We only have one body and need to take care of it with the best possible care that works for us.

Specific guidelines are set for the treatment of different types of injuries for the best outcomes.  A good chiropractor knows the importance of seeing you as an individual not just as an injury. They also know that there are basic outlined criteria for certain injuries that have proven to be effective in the treatment of those injuries. These criteria help to structure a treatment plan to provide the best outcome. Your treatment plan may include adjunct therapies, including soft tissue work like active muscle release therapy, low level laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, electrical stimulation therapy, acupressure, etc.

You are part of your healthcare team. With any type of treatment plan for your specific needs you will receive a set of instructions for self-care. This will include things like specific rehabilitative exercises, stretches and therapeutic devices or nutrition that will promote a faster healing time and reduce inflammation that most injuries produce. It is important that you follow these instructions.

Contact sports can be very hard on anybody’s body, whether you are in the best physical shape or just keeping up. Let’s face it, things happen and injuries occur. Whether you have an injury or not, when playing any type of contact sport seeing a chiropractor can help you be the best that you can be.

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